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NParks Explore A Route Mobile App

The NParks Explore A Route (NEAR) mobile app is NParks’ first augmented reality (AR)-enabled mobile application. It was developed to complement the Coast-to-Coast Trail (C2C), as well as the Route Island Route (RIR) and Park Connector Network (PCN) for an interactive curated walking experience island-wide.

Get active while by creating trails of your own with our self-mapping feature "Phyll My Trail", or share your experiences with the NEAR community, be it gorgeous sightings or interesting info on places to check out along the way!

Look out for hidden fruits using our AR mode and watch as Phyll the Leaf and its friends spring to life, sharing nuggets of information about the flora and fauna found around the various checkpoints along the C2C.

Also, check out your notifications for periodic fun and rewarding challenges as well as special promotions!

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